Tuesday, May 31, 2011


1-2 hours :D
I got my tablet this weekend, and I don't know how to change the brushes. ;__;
or anything, really.


  1. Still looks awesome! What program are you using, I can probably help out with the brushes.

  2. phil, i adjusted my brushes. but i'm still having issues getting used to painting with opacity changes. how does that work? :/

  3. with opacity changes? the harder you press, the thicker the stroke (unless you are using painter, then that means level of blend). Kind of like drawing rather than painting. it's a weird mix where you have to get familiar with both.

    One thing I discovered from other speed painting vids is making best friends with the eye dropper tool (hold option on mac and PC is either alt or ctrl). Makes things a lot faster. it helps also if you want to treat it more like a painting with less opacity use.

    your SP's are amazing though, I wouldn't get too worried about opacity.

  4. i agree with phil. your color blocking technique is very effective.
    and opacity is just like glazing in oils!